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Tokyo Guide

Since becoming the capital of Japan in 1868, Tokyo has become one of the most economically powerful cities in the world. Tokyo is no doubt unique with both historic and modern aspects in culture, cuisine, and scenery. Our guide offers a taste of what Tokyo has to offer for those visiting for both business and pleasure. With information ranging from transportation to Japanese cultural practices, this guide offers information to help you navigate the rich culture and practices Tokyo has to offer. So be sure to check out our guide and be ready to enjoy your stay in Tokyo to the fullest!

About Tokyo

  • Population : 13.269.061
  • Area : 2.18867 km²
  • Currency : ¥(JPY)
  • Language : Japanese
  • Voltage : 100V A型
  • Divisions :
       23 special wards, 26 cities,
       1 district, & 4 subprefectures
  • Hightest & lowest temp :
       31°C/88°F 2.5°C/36.5°F
  • Annual precipitation : 1528.8mm