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Flower Festival

In Japan, enjoying and appreciating nature is an important part of life, even in the sea of concrete and skyscrapers that is Tokyo. One of Japan’s favorite times to enjoy nature is when the seasons change, and the trees show off their colors. In spring, this is marked by hanami, or flower viewing. In autumn, there is koyo, or autumn leaf viewing. These two pseudo festivals are considered an annual occasion in Tokyo, with most people spending at least one day to appreciate the trees.


Description Hanami, literally “flower seeing,” is perhaps one of Japan’s more well-known interests internationally. During the hanami season, Japanese people flock to parks to watch the cherry blossoms in bloom. These trees are quite exceptional, and their petals blowing in the wind have often been compared to falling snow. People in Japan often go with a group of friends, set up a picnic spot, and eat and drink under the cherry blossom trees at least one day during hanami season.

Autumn leaves (koyo)

Description Koyo translates to “red leaves,” and is the time in fall when people go to watch the leaves on deciduous trees change color. Unlike the hanami season, the koyo season does not make for a good time to sit down and have a picnic. Instead, people tend to go on hikes or climb mountains to see the autumn colors in the trees and take pictures. Each year there is a dedicated time period where koyo viewing is at its best which you can find online.