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Music Festival

Quite different from the traditional Japanese matsuri are music festivals in Japan. Being the major metropolis that it is, Tokyo tends to bring a number of famous foreign and Japanese musicians to perform there. The two biggest music festivals in Japan are Fuji Rock and Summer Sonic. Both festivals are wildly popular among people living in Japan, so tickets for both sell out fast. It’s best to buy your ticket as soon as they go on sale if you plan on attending.

Fuji Rock

Description As its name suggests, Fuji Rock is a music festival dedicated primarily to rock music. While Fuji Rock originally got its name because it was held at the base of Mt. Fuji, these days the festival is held in Niigata Prefecture in west Japan. The event is 3 days long, and accommodations at the local ski resorts sell out fast, so many concert goers opt to bring a tent and camp out for the weekend. Fuji Rock takes place at the end of July, so temperatures at night tend to be reasonable.

Summer Sonic

Description Summer Sonic takes place just outside of Tokyo, in Chiba Prefecture, and can be reached from Kaihin Makuhari Station. The lineup for Summer Sonic tends to focus on popular Japanese and foreign rock bands, though famous pop artists may also make an appearance. The arenas for Summer Sonic are both indoors and outdoors, and it can take quite some time to walk between stages. Summer Sonic takes place annually on one of the mid August weekends, though the date changes from year to year.