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Department Stores in Tokyo

Department stores in Japan are like mini-malls, with a number of different stores in the larger department building. A common layout for a department store is a supermarket and food area in the basement, several restaurants on the top floor, and other shops in between. Most department buildings have clothing stores, a 100 yen shop, and a bookstore, though it varies from place to place. Department stores are generally located close by a station, sometimes built in to the station itself.

Department Stores

  • Depachika
  • Fukubukuro
  • Isetan

    Description Isetan is a department store with locations all over Japan and around East Asia, including in Bangkok, Singapore, and Shanghai. The flagship store can be found in Shinjuku a few minutes east of the station. Isetan is an old department store with over 100 years under its belt, and widely renowned as a fashion trend-setter in Japan. The department store is 10 stories high and split up into 8 different buildings, with the most famous being the main building and the men’s fashion building.


    Description Marui is a retail chain with department stores around Tokyo; the largest of these are found in Ueno, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. Marui is well-known in Japan for its enigmatic logo, which looks like “OIOI,” but is written as “0101” for their website. “Maru” means circle in Japanese, and the “i” is pronounced “ee” phonetically when Japan uses English lettering. The Marui complex in Shinjuku, made up of 5 separate buildings, is easily the largest department store in the area. Marui fashion tends to cater towards young women ages 25-35.


    Description Odakyu is a company with department stores around Japan. However, the main store lies in Shinjuku. You can access the Odakyu department store from inside of the station as the two are, in fact, connected. The store consists of two buildings, the 14 floor main building and the 8 floor HALC building. Odakyu Shinjuku is a good place to find a number of world famous brands, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Rolex.