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International Supermarkets in Tokyo

If you’re looking for unique ingredient, want to try a different kind of snack, or simply aching for a food from home, there are many international supermarkets around Tokyo to visit. These stores tend to carry an array of foreign foods, mostly imported from Europe, the U.S., and various Asian countries. Most import stores are a fairly pricy, so it’s usually smart to make sure you can’t find the item at a regular Japanese supermarket before buying it in an international one.

KALDI Coffee Farm

Description KALDI Coffee Farm is one of the most ubiquitous international stores in Tokyo. As its name suggests, KALDI Coffee Farm specializes in imported coffee beans. However, the store also has a number of other imported foodstuffs, including various wines, spices, and foreign snacks. Like nearly all import stores, KALDI Coffee Farm can be a bit expensive, depending on what you’re looking for. However, if you’re looking for foreign coffee, or maybe an interesting snack, KALDI is a good place to visit.


Description COSTCO is a warehouse style store, started in the U.S. but with locations in Japan as well. COSTCO sells goods in bulk, to be prepared to buy a lot of whatever you go there to get. That said, the prices at COSTCO are quite reasonable, especially considering nearly everything is imported. COSTCO is requires customers to sign up for a membership card before you can shop. There are no COSTCOs based in Tokyo, so you’ll have to go up north or out east to find one.