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Souvenirs in Tokyo

If you’re looking for souvenirs or other small items, there are plenty of options around Tokyo. One option is to check out a 100 yen shop, which have a number of decent quality small oddities, all for just 100 yen each. If you’re looking for something traditional, Asakusa is a great place for Japanese things. If you want anime goods, you can look around Akihabara. There are various kinds of souvenir shops all over Tokyo.

Tokyu Hands

Description Tokyu Hands can best be described as a variety store, with lots of interesting items for sale. Most Tokyu Hands locations are divided up into sections: Home Maintenance and Hobby, Home Decoration, Variety, House ware, Health and Beauty, Stationary, and Outdoor and Travel. Tokyu Hands specializes in specific arts and crafts goods which are difficult to find elsewhere. They also boast a wide selection of unusual toys and trinkets, making them an excellent choice when looking for souvenirs.

Don Quijote

Description Don Quijote is a store that sells various kinds of goods, including food and drinks, clothing, health and beauty items, and furniture. Don Quijote also imports some of its food and merchandise, making it somewhat unpredictable what you’ll find there. The store floor layouts are often a bit of a mess, with just enough space to maneuver between the shelves stacked with an assortment of items. Don Quijote is also known for having seasonal goods, making it a great place to find things like Halloween costumes.