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100 Yen Store

There are no shortage of 100 yen shops in Tokyo. 100 yen shops offer a wide variety of items. You can find everything from small trinkets and snacks to glassware, notebooks, and small houseplants. 100 yen shops have a much better and higher quality selection than their dollar store brethren in the U.S. Items at 100 yen stores usually costs 108 yen each due to tax. You can find 100 yen shops in department stores or malls, and occasionally on the street.


Description Daiso is a popular 100 yen shop, with several stores located around Tokyo. Daiso 100 yen shops tend to be extremely expansive, making it easy to end up wandering around looking at all the goods for sale. Daiso can be broken up into several sections, including Dining and Kitchen, Home Décor, Food, Stationary, and Japanese items. The variety of things available can be staggering, especially when finding one for the first time. Daiso is a great 100 yen shop to get lost in.