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Standard Floor Newly Renovated

Hotel style serviced apartments available for weekly stays. These apartments are fully furnished, having house cleaning & linen change, kitchen for cooking, and washing machines to do your laundry*. Choose from our Premium or newly renovated “Standard” series. HUNDRED STAY recently raised the “Standard”, by redesigning the apartments to accommodate larger groups and families. The Premium series, offering 10 unique layouts ranging from studio to 2 Bedrooms, accommodating individuals to groups. *「Comfort Twin & Queen」&「Studio Premier Sky Deck」are not equipped with kitchen & washing machine
2BR Grand Suite

2BR Grand Suite

2 Bedroom apartment with full kitchen, washer & dryer, and a Japanese-style "washitsu" room. Able to sleep 6 with 4 single beds in the main bedroom, and 2 futon sets in the "washitsu".

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1BR Family Suite

1BR Family Suite

1 Bedroom apartment ideal for families and large groups. Equipped with a full kitchen, and washer & dryer and able to accommodate 6 occupants with 4 single beds and 2 pullout beds.

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Jr. Suite Prime

1BR Jr. Suite

1 Bedroom apartment with full kitchen, and washer & dryer. With a king sized bed, pull out extra bed, and sofa bed in the living room allowing this spacious apartment to accommodate 4 occupants.

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Superior Twin

Studio Superior Twin

Studio layout with kitchenette, mini-table with chairs, and separated bath & toilet. Of the 2 single beds, there is one extra pull out bed for accommodating 3 occupants.

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Superior Queen

Studio Superior Queen

Studio layout with a queen sized bed, sofa bed, kitchenette, and separated bath & toilet. Feel more at home with this spacious layout.

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Comfort Twin

Studio Comfort Twin

Studio layout with 2 single beds, sofa bed, and separated bath & toilet. Ideal for those with no intentions of cooking while on vacation.

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Comfort Queen

Studio Comfort Queen

Studio layout with a queen sized bed, sofa bed, and separated bath & toilet. Ideal for those with no intentions of cooking while on vacation.

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Premium Floor 20-21F

2101 Studio Premier Cape1

Studio Premier Cape1 2101

A grandeur, panoramic view is precisely what this Premier Floor is named for.
A playful touch of geometric use of space will make your Tokyo stay a personal one.

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2102 Studio Premier Cape2

Studio Premier Cape2 2102

A soft, soothing sunlight embraces you in the daytime, and a spectacular night view unfolds at night.
Enjoy the panorama from the room appropriately named as "Cape of the City."

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2103,2104 Studio Premier Aqua
(Twin or king)

Studio Premier Aqua (Twin or king) 2103,2104

A unique one-room apartment with a fully glazed bathroom in the middle.
The original lightning system will bring you a gorgeous evening.

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2105 2BR Premier VIP Suite

2BR Premier 2105

The antique, dazzling chandelier brings about a luxury atmosphere.
The face-to-face type of kitchen yields fun conversations in the special party with your guests.

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2106 1BR Premier Sky Deck

1BR Premier Sky Deck 2106

From the large floor-to-ceiling windows that occupy one whole side of the room, a night view of Tokyo Shinjuku spreads panoramically.
Find your favorite time and space here in the sky of the city.

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2107,2108 Studio Premier Sky Deck

Studio Premier Sky Deck 2107,2108

This deck-type, compact and cozy room holds a dazzling nighttime Shinjuku view.
Sitting on the Sky Deck will allow you to relax and revive yourself from fatigue before long.

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2001 2BR Premier Suite (WA)

2BR Suite (WA) 2001

In the middle of this antique, European-style apartment, you will find a serene, Japanese-style Tatami room.
Select the enjoyment of either style of relaxation depending on your mood.

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2002 1BR Premier Suite (KING)

1BR Suite (KING) 2002

The large, spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom provide you reassurance and comfort for both short and long stays.

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2003 2BR Premier Suite (Castle)

2BR Suite (Castle) 2003

This particular suite emanates an atmosphere of a castle with a spacious living room and two separate bedrooms though it still holds a homey air in the luxury.

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2004 1BR Premier Suite (Princess)

1BR Suite (Princess) 2004

This luxurious suite is beautifully decorated in Rococo style, also offering a large, marble-decorated bathroom and the enchanting chandelier, all that invites you to a special stay.

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Person who thinks about hotel stay

Person who thinks about hotel stay

HUNDERED STAY Tokyo Shinjuku is also available in the hotel experience for a night.
From business use to stay at a travel until your special day and anniversary are available just 100 or so in style.

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