House Regulations

House Regulations

Hotel guests are kindly requested to observe the following regulations (hereinafter referred to as “House Regulations”) so that their stay with us will be an enjoyable one. House Regulations are outlined in Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts (Defined in paragraph 1). If a guest does not observe House Regulations, the Hotel may choose not to permit further use by the guest of Facilities (Defined in paragraph 1) in the Hotel. Also, kindly note that Guests may be held liable for damage in the event of an accident arising from neglect of these regulations House Regulations.

Scope of Application

House Regulations shall be applied to all the visitors who use all the facilities of our hotel (covering all facilities such as accommodations, banquet facilities, restaurants, lobbies, parking lots and hotel sites, hereinafter referred to as “Facilities”). By the way, the accommodation clauses provided by our hotel (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts”) in addition to the above-mentioned rules shall be applied to the guests staying at our hotel (hereinafter referred to as “Guest”).

For Your Safety and Security

(1) Please see the inside of your guest room door for map of emergency escape routes from your room.
(2) When leaving your room, please make sure the door is locked. (Automatically lockable door)
(3) Please be sure to use the door latch while in your room, especially before you go to sleep. Please answer a knock at the door with the door latch attached or after checking through the peephole. When in doubt contact the reception desk.
(4) Please note that guests who are not registered are not allowed to stay at the Hotel. Also please do not receive visitors in your room.
(5) Please refrain from inviting outside visitors to the Hotel after 10:00p.m.
(6) Please do not smoke in bed.
(7) Please do not bring any heating, cooking and ironing equipment in your room.
(8) Please refrain from doing any act which is likely to cause a fire.
(9) Please keep out of facilities such as backyards, emergency stairs and machinery rooms excluding facilities for our guests.

Regarding Valuables and Unclaimed Articles

(1) Please deposit money and valuables at the front desk. A safe deposit box is also available in your room. However, the Hotel will not be liable for the loss or theft of valuables left in your room safe and other places.
(2) The Hotel shall keep articles left on the premises of the Hotel for seven 7 days including the date such items are found. Thereafter, such items shall be surrendered to the appropriate authorities in accordance with the law. (However, Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts Article 16 (2) and (3)” shall be applied to Guest.)

Regarding Payment for Services

(1) Please understand that a deposit may be requested upon your arrival at the Hotel.
(2) The Hotel cannot accept any payment by checks other than traveler’s checks and exchange money.
(3) The Hotel will not make any payments on behalf of the Guest for such expenses as airline, train, bus tickets, and taxi fares.
(4) When signing for bills at the Hotel restaurant, bars or other facilities, please show your room key (card key).
(5) Please understand that equipment-usage fees are calculated for the use of telephones installed in the guest rooms.
(6) Payment for all Hotel services may be made in cash, traveler’s checks or credit cards accepted by the Hotel. However, please pay for the usage charges whenever it becomes more than \100,000 during your stay.
(7) Should you wish to change your period of stay, please notify the front desk in advance. Please pay for all charges equivalent to your stay period up to the time when you extend your stay.

The items prohibiting antisocial forces, etc. from using hotel facilities

For organizations and individuals listed below, we will refuse the use of the Facilities regardless of whether a reservation has already been made or whether the Guest is already utilizing the Facilities.
1) Organized Crime Groups (hereinafter referred to as “Organized Crime Groups”) provided in “Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members” (Act No. 77 of 1991) Article 2 (2), Organized Crime Group Members (hereinafter referred to as “Organized Crime Group Members”) provided in the above-mentioned Act Article 2 (6), Organized Crime Group Semi-Members and the Organized Crime Group Concerned Parties or other antisocial forces.
 2) When the Guest seeking accommodation can be detected as a corporation or other groups of which business activities are under control of Organized Crime Groups or a member of Organized Crime Groups.
 3) When the Guest seeking accommodation is a corporation which any of directors are proven to be a member of Organized Crime Groups.
 4) When the Guest seeking accommodation has used violence, assaulted, threatened, blackmailed and/or made threatening and unreasonable demands to the Hotel or the employees of the Hotel, or has requested the Hotel to assume an unreasonable burden, or is deemed to have conducted similar acts in the past.

Your Cooperation is Requested

(1) Please do not bring onto the Facilities any of the following.
 1) Dogs, cats, birds or other animals or pets (such as guide dogs or assistance dogs are not included).
 2) Gunpowder, volatile oils, other explosives and inflammables etc.
 3) Items emitting obnoxious and strong odors.
 4) Unregistered firearms and swords, illegal drugs and other articles, possession of which is prohibited by the laws of Japan.
 5) Luggage or goods of unusually large size or in unusually large quantities;
 6) Any other items which possession of is prohibited by law.
(2) Neither guest rooms nor the lobby shall be utilized for business purposes.
(3) The distribution or display of advertisements and the sale of goods on the Facilities are prohibited.
(4) Please note that unauthorized publications for business purposes of photographs taken on the Facilities may be subject to legal action.
(5) Please do not place any personal belongings in the lobby or passageways of the Hotel. (In some cases, the Hotel may keep your belongings or check these contents if you leave them unattended for many hours.)
(6) Please do not engage in gambling, other acts which are contrary to good morals or behavior that may cause a disgust or nuisance to other guests in the Facilities.
(7) Please do not disturb the comfort of other guests by making noises, singing loudly or behaving in an offensive manner in the Facilities.
(8) Ordering meals and drinks to be delivered from outside the House is not permitted.
(9) Please do not place in or let hang from the windows items that may detract from the appearance of the Hotel.
(10) Please use a bathrobe and slippers only in your guest room.
(11) Please refrain from leaving your room in yukata, underwear, slippers or the like.
(12) Persons not registered for accommodation must refrain from staying overnight.
(13) Smoking is prohibited when walking in the lobby or in passageways. Please check a smoking area.
(14) Minors are not permitted to stay at the Hotel without parental or guardian consent.
(15) The Hotel may refuse accommodations to persons who lack the capacity to reason due to mental impairment or temporary disturbance, or who are deemed to potentially affect the safety and comfort of other Guests in the Hotel.
(16) Please refrain from using facilities and equipment for purposes other than those intended.
(17) Regardless of whether intentionally or not, you will be charged for any damage or loss of to the Hotel’s property caused by you or by your guests.
(19) Except in emergency situations, please refrain from using the emergency staircases, going up to the roof, entering areas where there is machinery.
(18) You will be charged for any damage or loss of to the Hotel’s property except in the case when this damage has occurred due to force majeure.
(20) Please do not perform acts which are judged as inappropriate by the Hotel.