Day 6


After a great nights sleep, we were ready to make the most out of our last day in Tokyo. We started the day in Shibuya, and we understood why Shibuya Crossing was a must see destination. It was amazing how all those people could cross at once, while avoiding one another. We joined the flow and made our way to 109 shopping center. 109 is filled with female clothing stores for the youth of Tokyo. A lot of Kawaii (cute) outfits and little bits and bobs. Another shopping spree for Wendy and I.


We then headed to Omotesando where there were larger brand stores, including those from overseas. The architecture and atmosphere is very different from where we were moments ago. With enough shopping done, we went to have lunch at Maisen, famous for their Tonkatsu, or fried pork cutlet.


After lunch, we walked to Harajuku. Harajuku is another fashion district where more unique fashion is prominent and idolized. There were both girls and guys dressed as goth dolls, which was not something you see everyday. We found a number of t-shirt stores with Japanese designs which seemed like great souvenirs for ourselves.


Once we were done with soaking in the Japanese fashion trends, we went back to Hundred Stay to get ready for the big night. After taking a quick shower, we got dressed with clothes we had bought earlier. Our plan was to hit a nightclub in the infamous Roppongi district. You could see why we were dressing to impress.


For our last dinner in Tokyo, we headed to Roppongi to eat some Shabu Shabu. Without reservations, we had to wait 30 minutes, but there was no way we were going to miss out on this, and as you can expect, it was worth the wait. We probably shouldn’t have eaten as much as we did before going clubbing, but it was too good to resist! Highly recommended.


Once we were done, it was still too early to go clubbing, so we decided to grab a drink at a bar. We walked around for a bit and found a british pub in the basement. We grabbed a couple of drinks and started to talk to complete strangers, which was a lot of fun. Everyone was so nice. Even found a group of people preparing for an all nighter at a nearby club. We just had to join them.


Off to the clubs! We were asked for ID. Lucky we had brought our passports along so didn’t have a problem at the door. There were others trying to talk their way in but apparently they are strict about having ID. We had already missed the last train so once we were inside, put our belongings in the lockers and just started dancing and drinking, having the time of our lives.

Last day 05:35

Took the first train back. You would be surprised at the number of people using the subways this early in the morning. Most of them fellow clubbers. We had packed most of our luggage the day before so we took a short nap before checking out and heading to the airport. Although we were not quite rested, we would not regret our decision. We said bye to the front staff and made a quick checkout.